A Holiday Guide: Why getting a Recruitment call could be your Christmas Gift


2019 is a fresh start, a new year! Perhaps you are starting to re-evaluate your current situation and think about your next big career move. Then suddenly you get a voicemail from a recruiter about your CV, they leave a message describing your perfect job. An offer you simply cannot miss!


So here is why getting a call from a recruiter could be the gift you need:


Recruiter Knowledge

Recruiters build relationships with top-level managers and head of businesses, these are the people that you want to be seen by. Let the recruiter be your advocate for getting your dream interview, let them get you seen by the correct people.


Feedback and Insight

You may believe that your CV ticks all the boxes for the role you applied for, when in fact you may be missing the mark slightly. Letting a recruiter look over your application gives them the opportunity to get you the best deal possible and lighten the load with your job search. Also listen to advise, if they advise that you might not be suitable for the role at that time, there will be a reason.


Access to more job opportunities

Did you know that not all job positions are advertised on job boards? Some companies only advertise roles via their website or some jobs may be confidential. Recruiters can get you in front of those hard to find openings.


Interview Preparation and Support

You may find that not all recruitment companies are the same, however here at Icognia as part of the recruitment process we provide interview preparation to all our candidates. Before candidates are seen by the client we offer face to face video interviews to help show a candidate’s personality along side your CV. And once an interview is secured we give you the inside information about the company and the role. This is often followed up by a feedback call to see how everything has gone. Let the recruiter’s expertise help to support you in your job search.


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