We reward success

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We want our team to be totally committed to the role. Benefits at Icognia Automotive, no business is the people that working, and consequently value them above all else. We reward success. We want people who are motivated to work hard and achieve success through commitment. We offer competitive basic salaries, an attractive commission structure, together with great employee benefits.

Company Social

At least once a month, Icognia Automotive reward all the hard work its team do, by taking the whole company out for a meal or evening drinks. The nature of how and who we recruit, outgoing fun people in team and relaxing and unwinding outside of the office is a great way for our team to get to know each other.

Holiday Allowance

Icognia Automotive currently give each employee 21 days annual holiday and after two years this rises to 23 days and after five years 25 days.

Christmas Closure

We love Christmas, we believe it's the time for family and friends, which is why we close the office throughout the week of Christmas.

The Christmas Party

The Christmas party is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year, in the perfect way for the whole team to end the year. This year we're having Company Awards at the dinner, and then on dancing and probably the odd additional drink.

Free Fat Friday

One of the best-received benefits of working at Icognia Automotive is FREE fat Friday. Whether it's a toasted sausage bacon sandwich with red sauce or just a plain croissant, breakfast is on the company. It's a perfect way to finish the week.

Happy Birthday

Another little benefit of working at Icognia Automotive is that we celebrate everyone's birthday. Everyone in the company has a glass of Prosecco and a slice of home-made cake to celebrate your birthday.

Monthly Incentives

Each month there is both a team incentive and individual incentive. The monthly team incentive could be anything from go-karting, foot golf to rallying experiences. The individual incentive is normally a fully paid meal out, but if the winner has really smashed their targets, a night at a top hotel is thrown in.

Childcare Vouchers

Icognia Automotive offers new and growing families £250 in childcare vouchers taken from their gross salary not taxed. This is paid directly to your childcare provider.

Lunchtime Rooftop BBQ

When the sun is out we occasionally slip out to the local butcher and bakery, light up a barbeque on our roof terrace and take in the view whilst cooking our chosen delights.

Flexible Work Hours

Central to our easy to do business with philosophy, we know our Consultants sometimes will need to burn the midnight oil. So we operate flexible working hours, encouraging them to come in later in the morning if they know that we're pulling a late one.

Friday fridge

After a hard week, after 4pm the Team can help themselves to a beer, wine or soft drink to help wind down and get ready for the weekend.