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Why join us?


We are a growing ambitious team looking for great talent, to strengthen our business and achieve or goal of being the best in the industry. If you have a look around our site, and think you'd like to join us, but would like a little more information, please take a look at the information below.

A Vibrant Industry

Automotive is a massive industry in the UK one way or another employing one in eleven of the UK workforce. We focus on automotive retail across the UK, so the pace is fast and exciting. Working on management, sales and aftermarket positions you'll meet a broad range of people for a wide range of Jobs.

A Dynamic Company

Icognia Automotive is constantly utilising the latest technology and platforms to improve our processes and experience for Candidates, Clients and our Consultants. In our relentless pursuit of being a business that is easy to do business with, we are open to new ideas, and new ways of working. The working environment at Icognia Automotive is fast moving and dynamic. We have strong, independent personalities working here with an ambition to succeed and we are looking for more who can contribute to making Icognia the best in the automotive industry.

Career Development


We want ambitious individuals who have a constant need for achievement and development. We recognise this isn't just through earning commission, but knowledge, qualification and promotion.

We work closely with every member of our Team to assure together we achieve what the Consultant wants. The great thing about recruitment, and especially the way Icognia Automotive work, is that we are all learning every day. As new people, with different skills and experiences join, we learn and adapt. Below is the structure of the team and demonstrates the progression you can make.

Associate Consultant

Typically you'll be a Graduate who has a good degree, you'll have proved that you can learn and you stick at something for three years or you'll be a huge personality with massive drive and energy. You won't be dealing with clients, but you'll be resourcing, learning how we source candidates and help your Consultants administer their roles. As an Associate Consultant, you'll undergo our internal training programme, which can take 8-13 weeks. How long it takes to graduate depends on you.

Graduate Consultant

As a Graduate Consultant, you'll have proved to yourself you have the aptitude and the attitude be successful within recruitment, you will also have proved to us that you are worth investing in.

Consequentially we'll be encouraging you to take the REC certificate in recruitment resourcing, but you'll be developing your skills as a Consultant with regular training from your consultant team and to the training manager. You will be involved in assignment briefings and begin your own business development. If you're ambitious you'll be pushing for promotion within six months.

Recruitment Consultant

This role is the main role within Icognia. To be appointed as a recruitment consultant you'll have all the necessary skills to win business, handle briefings and deal with clients directly as well as making decisions on which candidates to interview. You will be working to targets and KPIs so managing your time and workload is essential, this is when all the efforts you have putting in, really starting to paying off. We'll be encouraging you to gain the Certificate in Recruitment Practice.

If it's management you want on attainment of your CertRP we will sponsor you through your Diploma in Recruitment Management you'll need to be progressing in this course before you're promoted to Senior Consultant.

Senior Consultant

You are now regularly hitting and exceeding your targets and you know recruitment is the career for you. The actual role of Senior Consultant isn't that much difference to that of Consultant but you will be more effective in mentoring Graduate Consultants and Associates. You will more likely be developing your portfolio so that you are dealing with more senior appointments and larger fees. You will complete your diploma in recruitment management.

Team Leader

As Team Leader you are entering management. As such your focus will be on your overall team performance, while still hitting your own numbers. However, an increasingly significant percentage of your time will be spent in developing your team of eight. You will also undertake and achieve the RTC diploma in recruitment leadership.

Desk Director

This is the most senior role operational role overseeing a desk of 16, you will be leading your leaders, managing your managers, mentoring and ensuring overall performance of the desk.

Executive Director

The executive board is constituted by Desk Directors, Operations Director, Financial Director and the Managing Director. There are also Non-Executive Directors that sit within this team.